Since 2019 Sumal chose to be a Green Company

Solar or photovoltaic energy is positioned as one of the most efficient renewable energies. It does not emit greenhouse gases and therefore does not contribute to global warming. Solar energy does not emit toxic substances, nor does it generate waste that can cause water pollution, an important fact considering the latest studies on water scarcity.

In our factory located in Rubí (Barcelona) we have more than 1235 solar panels in an approximate area of 5000 square meters. We generate with these panels a power of 400 kilowatts peak (kWp), which means an estimated annual energy production of 400 MWh per year. According to these data and comparing them with the use of energy in Spanish homes, we produce thanks to this renewable energy the equivalent of the electrical consumption of more than 100 homes.

According to the calculations of our technical team we avoid carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to the planting of 2000 trees.

Sumal will always be committed to innovation and development as our company mission dictates!