Standard Roll-Tainer

A Standard Roll-Tainer is a type of rolling container that is designed to transport and store goods in a safe and efficient manner. This type of container is typically used in retail and distribution environments, where it is important to move large quantities of goods quickly and easily.

Some features of a Standard Roll-Tainer may include:

  1. Four sturdy wheels for easy mobility.
  2. A durable steel frame that can support heavy loads.
  3. A mesh or solid metal base to securely hold goods during transport.
  4. A folding design that allows for compact storage when not in use.
  5. Optional lids, shelves, and dividers to customize the container for specific needs.

Standard Roll-Tainers are available in various sizes and configurations, depending on the specific needs of the user. They can be used to transport and store a wide range of goods, including boxes, bags, and other items.

If you are interested in purchasing a Standard Roll-Tainer, you can search for them using keywords such as “Standard Roll-Tainer,” “Rolling container,” “Rolling cart,” or “Distribution container.” It is important to consider the size and weight capacity of the container, as well as any additional features that may be necessary for your specific needs.