Electro-zinc + organic-mineral sealing finish

The electro-zinc and the immersion of each piece in a lacquer bath, allows to protect not only the exterior but also the interior of the materials (essential protection).

We use high quality products, respectful with the enviroment, the hygiene and health of the people:

  • Crome hexavalent-free surfaces*.
  • UV resistance, the original color is maintained for longer.
  • Excellent distribution of zinc thickness, that ensures an uniform resistance.
  • Treatment with low concentration of external metals, this prolongs the useful life of the product.
  • Resistance to tempered process without any change of appearance or loss of coloration.
  • Scratch resistance.
    * Crome(VI) is highly dangerous to health.

Painted finish

We have our own automatic instalation of paint that ensure a exelent finish of our roll containers and metal container.

Electro-Zinc + Paint finish

The combination of the finishes allow an internal and external corrosion protection. Also, you can select the final colour of the products.