SUMAL’s innovative product line

Discover SUMAL’s innovative product line, meticulously designed with a focus on quality and ergonomics, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality solutions tailored for industrial laundries, hotels, hospitals, and much more.

Experience exceptional customer care and satisfaction, backed by our technical expertise in designing both standard and custom-made items. We continually strengthen our position by developing forward-looking and ameliorative solutions to cater to diverse needs.

Our unique roll cages streamline every step of the process, providing flexibility from clean linen storage to dirty laundry collection. The versatile folding shelves enable multiple functions within a single roll cage, optimizing efficiency.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we’ve successfully designed roll containers ideal for hospital service, including specialized carts for robotized areas, perfect for automating the transport of drugs and hospital products.

Our core strength lies in creating innovative products that help our customers enhance production efficiency while maintaining high-quality service standards.

Choose SUMAL, a brand synonymous with quality in this sector, thanks to our unwavering attention to detail. We ensure our trolleys are free from cutting, safeguarding fabrics and linens from potential damage. Elevate your operations with SUMAL today!