Reduced height Roll containers

Many companies wonder which are the best metal laundry carts, the ones that best suit their needs. Although there is a wide variety of models and sizes, sometimes the standard is not the best option for everyone.

In today’s post, we are going to look at some examples of metal laundry carts with a lower height.

We found some examples of this type of roll containers with a lower height, manufactured for the specific needs of our customers. An example of them could be the models RB 555 and RB 8088, which have the following composition:

  • 1 base, equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels Ø as required.
  • 2 side panels, one of them with a marking plate.
  • 1 rear panel, connected to the side panels by means of 4 polyamide-6 flanges (highly resistant).
  • 1 hinged door.
  • 1 fixing kit to stiffen the roll (side to base).

We found some examples of this type of roll containers with a lower height for more limited doors. These could be the RB 555, RB 8088. All of them have the following composition:

  • 1 base equipped with 2 fixed casters and 2 swivel casters Ø as required.
  • 2 side panels, one of them with a marking plate.
  • 1 rear panel connected to the sides by means of 4 polyamide 6 flanges (highly resistant).
  • 1 hinged door.
  • 1 fixing kit for stiffening the roll (side-base).