Innovation in Hospital Laundries: Introducing the RB.H01 Roll Container

Hospital industrial laundries face daily challenges that demand specific solutions. Sumal, always at the forefront, presents the RB.H01 roll container, a tool that revolutionizes the handling of hospital laundry.

Characterized by its user-friendly design, the RB.H01 comes with retractable trays and hanging bars. This makes it the prime choice for institutions aiming for efficiency and convenience. Its sturdy composition includes a base equipped with wheels tailored to various needs, durable sides with polyamide-6 flanges, and cabinet-style doors. Moreover, its electro-zinc plated finish with organic-mineral sealing ensures durability and strength.

Looking to optimize your hospital laundry? The RB.H01 roll container isn’t just functional; it offers features like retractable trays and hanging bars. Explore this and other innovative products on