RD-223 by SUMAL: The Picking Trolley Set to Revolutionize Your Logistics

The commerce and distribution landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. The demand for efficiency is higher than ever, and to meet this demand, at SUMAL, we’ve engineered a tool that will completely change how you manage orders: the RD-223, a cutting-edge picking and order preparation trolley.

What makes RD-223 so special?

  1. Ergonomics and Safety First: Its design ensures that staff can transport goods without compromising their posture. This doesn’t only prevent injuries but also ensures tasks are done in the most comfortable and efficient way.
  2. Versatility for Multiple Sectors: Whether in warehouses, supermarkets, online stores, production companies, or distribution centers, the RD-223 perfectly adapts to each business’s needs.
  3. Optimized Design: With two metal shelves at two heights equipped with a roller path, it facilitates the handling and organization of products, significantly speeding up order preparation.
  4. Effortless Mobility: Its 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels allow for easy and precise handling, even in tight spaces or high-density product areas.
  5. Customizable Add-ons: RD-223 is not just a picking trolley. With additional options like document holders, device holders, and brakes, it tailors to the specific needs of each task and operator.
  6. Personalized Finishes: If you’re looking for a distinctive touch, RD-223 can be painted according to your preferences, in addition to its standard electro-zinc and organic-mineral seal in gold or silver shades.

At SUMAL, we are always looking for ways to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry. With RD-223, we are confident in offering you the tool that will set a new benchmark in your logistics management. Want a closer look? Visit our website and discover all that this picking trolley can do for your business.