Metal containers in Barcelona

These 3 questions are key when choosing our perfect metal container in Barcelona.

In the case of the first one, depending on the material we are going to store we must take into account if we need specific characteristics, i.e. there are certain metal containers that are used for some sectors, for example the textile container for rolls of fabric or the sheet metal container for the automotive sector. Perhaps our product already has a specific container for its storage.

The second question about stability will reveal if we need a metal container with sides, front and front panel or if it has its own stability, if you can do without any of these.

Finally the question about the size will determine the material of the container, if we are going to store large pieces we can use a mesh container, in the case of small pieces we should opt for a sheet metal one.

Why choose Sumal?

  • We assign a consultant to each customer.
  • We analyze the specific needs of the customer.
  • We propose the best solution for each case, with high standards of quality and service at competitive prices.