Cooperative Laundry, our first american customer, visited us

As any customer who requests it, we welcomed Cooperative Laundry to our facilities, where we showed them the different uses of our products. At Sumal we have control of all processes, which means that we do not outsource any of them. In our factory, they were able to verify the care we take in all areas, from cutting and bending iron, the welding area, to the final finishing area.

In addition, we organized a visit to the facilities of two other customers inBarcelona, so they could see how they use our trolleys.

Actively listening to customers and comparing the uses and performance of products in different global markets, is the right way to evolve and it allows us to offer the most appropriate solution to our customers.

From Sumal we continue innovating and working on the development of new methods to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our products.

Soon we will announce the next fairs we will attend, where you can meet us and our products.