Container on wheels with handle

A container on wheels with a handle made of metal is commonly referred to as a “rolling metal cart” or a “metal utility cart”. These carts are often used in industrial and commercial sectors for the transportation and storage of items.

Some common features of rolling metal carts include:

  • Wheels: These carts typically have four wheels, which allow them to be easily moved from one location to another.
  • Handle: The handle on a rolling metal cart is usually made of metal as well, and is used to steer and maneuver the cart.
  • Metal Construction: The body of the cart is usually made of metal, which makes it durable and strong enough to hold heavy items.
  • Shelves or Trays: Most rolling metal carts have one or more shelves or trays, which provide a flat surface for storing items.

Rolling metal carts come in various sizes and designs, depending on their intended use. Some carts have adjustable shelves or trays, while others are designed to hold specific types of items, such as tools, cleaning supplies, or food and beverages.