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The Roll container is a rolling transport cage specifically designed to facilitate and simplify to the maximum the transit and distribution of materials in very diverse sectors.

Sumal Roll containers cart for industrial laundries

Standard roll containers: it consists of a rolling metal base, two sides and, depending on the model, it can have a folding front panel or two hinged doors. It often incorporates tensioners to ensure the stabilization of the products inside or a tray to optimize the space inside.

Roll container with PVC base: It has a rolling high density polyethylene base and two sides. This allows us to guarantee greater hygiene and is therefore especially recommended for sectors that require high cleanliness and hygiene conditions.

Roll containers with hinged panel: composed of the base, the sides, the back panel and half hinged panel.

Roll containers with two doors: it has a rolling base, rear panel and two half doors that facilitate access to the interior. Ideal for sectors such as industrial laundries.

Roll containers with hinged cabinet doors: composed of the base, the sides, the rear panel and half doors with central opening and optional security lock.