Innovation in Hospital Laundries: Introducing the RB.H01 Roll Container

Sumal, always at the forefront, presents the RB.H01 roll container, a tool that revolutionizes the handling RB.H01 roll container

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Industrial shelving

Maximize storage efficiency with industrial shelving

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Carrinhos de Lavandaria Industriais da Sumal: Robustez e Qualidade para o seu Negócio

Descubra os carrinhos de lavandaria industriais da Sumal. Robustos, duráveis e feitos de aço inoxidável, são ideais para hotéis, hospitais e lavanderias industriais

Sumal leader in manufacturing of roll containers for industrial laundries

Industrial Bins on Wheels

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Where Can I Buy a Laundry Cart?

The Ritz Herald shed light on SUMAL’s integral role in the Discover how Sumal’s RB 8106 Roll Container can boost your business efficiency. Designed to facilitate laundry handling, this roll container is ideal for hotels, hospitals, and more

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