Revolutionizing laundry: spring loaded bottom laundry cart

Revolutionize your industrial laundry with Spring loaded bottom. Innovative design maximizes productivity, enhances safety, and reduces costs

Sumal Digital Catalog 2024 Export

Digital Catalog 2024

Here you can download the digital catalog 2024 with all our new productos, roll containers, metal containers, steel cages, etc

agv laundry cart rb 8090 sumal

What is a Laundry Cage?

Discover customizable steel laundry cages: the perfect blend of durability, efficiency, and adaptability for industrial laundries

Best bulk linen truck

Discover the Best Bulk Linen Trucks

For commercial laundries, the debate between using plastic bulk linen trucks and steel linen carts is ongoing

Linen cart for hotel management

Hotel’s Linen Management with Linen Carts

Linen carts are the perfect solution for hotels looking to enhance their linen management system

Linen cart commercial laundry and hotel

Linen cart for commercial laundry

Discover Sumal’s premium steel linen carts for commercial laundry. Streamline operations with our durable, customizable carts

Storage cage

Maximizing Efficiency and Security with Storage Cages and Mesh Storage Cages

Storage cage and mesh storage cage are ideal for segmenting different types of inventory, tools, or equipment within a facility

picking vs packing difference

Picking vs Packing in Logistics: Understanding the Difference and Custom Solutions by Sumal

In the intricate world of logistics, two processes that often get intermingled yet remain distinct in their functions are ‘picking’ and ‘packing’

Picking cart RD-223

Enhancing Efficiency in Order Fulfillment: The Role Picking Cart

Picking cart is the key element for the efficiency of order fulfillment is a critical factor in the success of any retail, warehouse, or distribution center

New laundry bags for commercial laundry

New laundry bags for commercial laundry

Presenting the new laundry bags for commercial laundry, different colors and dimensions, washable, customizable with corporative logo