Anti-corrosion treatment with organic-mineral sealing

In SUMAL we work for the constant improvement in our manufacturing processes to be able to offer top quality and durable products.

Within this continuous improvement, and through a new product formulation in our anti-corrosion treatment, we have managed to further improve the durability of our containers and roll containers.

The electro-zinc and the immersion of each peace in a passivated bath, allows to protect not only the exterior but also the interior of the materials (essential protection).

In SUMAL we use high quality products, which are environmental- friendly and respectful with people’s health:

  • Crome hexavalent-free surfaces*.
  • UV resistant, the original color is maintained for longer.
  • Excellent distribution of zinc thickness, which ensures an uniform resistance.
  • Treatment with low concentration of external metals, prologuing the useful lifespan of the product.
  • Resistance to thermal impact without any change of appearance or coloration.
  • Scratch resistance.

*Crome hexavalent is damaging to health. 

Please note: Durability is calculated for standard conditions of use.

  • 1989

    Electro-zinc without lacquered (120h)

    Durability* High humidity areas  (E.g. London): 2 years

    Durability* Low humidity areas (E.g. Paris): 4 years

  • 2004

    Electro-zinc + lacquered (300 h)

    Durability* High humidity areas  (E.g. London): 6 years

    Durability* Low humidity areas (E.g. Paris): 8 years


  • 2019

    Electro-zinc + organic-mineral sealing (500h)

    Durability* High humidity areas  (E.g. London): 10 years

    Durability* Low humidity areas (E.g. Paris): 13 years

  • 2023 (soon)

    Electro-zinc + organic-mineral sealing + polyester (+1500h)

    Durability* High humidity areas  (E.g. London): XX years

    Durability* Low humidity areas (E.g. Paris): XX years

    2023 (soon)


Cleaning and activating the base material using specials cleaners in order to remove the impurities as well as the grease before the parts go through the alkaline zinc electrolyte bath. 


Covering parts using an alkaline zinc electrolyte bath which has excellent covering properties as well as an excellent thickness distribution.


Protecting the zinc layer by the immersion of the parts in a passivate chromium trivalent based solution. 


Protecting the passivated zinc layer with an organic-mineral sealing solution which provides high corrosion resistance, as well as high-thermal resistance towards adverse environment conditions.